Automate Your Workflow With Webhooks

We have good news for our customers who want more options to automate their surveys workflow. You can now define a webhook URL from the Advanced Options of the Configuration page. Webhooks are automated notifications sent from the app when a new answer is received.

The webhook URL textbox in the Advanced Options of the Configuration page

The app sends a POST request to your URL and the payload contains form data with the keys and values specified below. You only receive notifications for completed forms.

Key Description
question_1234567 Participant's answer to a question defined on the Questions page. The "1234567" part is a numeric ID that is unique for each question on your survey form.
answered_at Date and time (in your local timezone) when the participant submitted the form.
first_name Participant's first name.
last_name Participant's last name.
email Participant's email address.
phone Participant's phone number.
time_to_complete Time it took for the participant to complete the survey.
country Participant's country based on their IP address.
region Participant's state or province based on their IP address.
origin How the participant was referred to the survey.
score Participant's score (0-100) (only for knowledge quizzes).
personality Participant's personality (only for personality quizzes).

If you don't have the technical skills on your team to implement your own webhook callback but would still like to automate your surveys workflow, we recommend that you take a look at Zapier. They have integrations with thousands of apps and they provide you with a webhook URL that you can link to your survey. Here are some ideas of automations that you can do with our webhook and Zapier:

  • Add participants names and emails to your CRM or newsletter service
  • Send participants an email and thank them for completing your survey
  • Send a notification (email, SMS, Slack, etc.) to yourself or to your team each time for each new answer
  • Add a new line to a Google Spreadsheet

Let us know if we forget any other good integrations that you plan on using. Your feedback is always appreciated.